Analog- und Digital- Input/Output-Board für das PandaBoard

What is Panda-IO?

The Panda-I/O board was designed as an compact extension board for the PandaBoard single board computer. It provides 2 high-speed, 8-port analog digital converters (ADCs) , 2 4-port digital analog converters (DACs), 22 general purpose digital IOs (GPIOs) and 2 additional USB-ports.
The on-board Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA links the analog and digital I/O ports with the OMAP4 CPU of the PandaBoard and assures a seamless and flexible integration into any existing host software.



16x digital IO’s  over FPGA with 3.3V level
16x analog inputs  (+/-10V & +/-5V symmetric/asymmetric) over 2 AD7608 A/D-converter 18bit/200kSPS
8x analog outputs  (0…5V) 16bit over AD5064 D/A-converter
2x galvanic isolated inputs  3…30V
2x galvanic isolated outputs  80V/50mA AC/DC
5x bi-color LED’s  red/green side LED’s
2x USB-Host


  • Debian Linux (Wheezy)
  • Kernel Version 3.14.1
  • Soft-real-time with PREEMPT_RT kernel patch set
  • Hard-real-time with Xenomai ()
  • Analogy Framework for access control of the I/O’s
  • reference implementation example available

Block diagram

Panda Blockdiagramm


  • Digital and analog I/O’s
  • galvanic isolated inputs and outputs
  • 5 bi-color LED’s
  • 2 USB-Hosts
  • FPGA for extended features
  • Open Source software support
  • Linux support
  • Hard-realtime support with Xenomai
  • Soft-realtime support with PREEMPT_RT kernel patch set

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